Tips Choosing The Best Air Conditioner

With all year hot weather here in Malaysia, the need for an air conditioner is at an all-time high. It can be a very tiring task to select the ideal air conditioner for your home. Home Living Exhibition has got you covered. HLE is a platform through which consumers are connected with exhibitors. Air conditioning specialists have explained the important factors to consider in choosing an air conditioner. This lets homeowners know exactly what they are looking for and make the right choice at the expo.

The following factors should be looked into before deciding to buy an air conditioner:

Is it an energy-saving air conditioner?
This is one of the most important specifications to look out for. Air conditioners can contribute greatly to electricity costs. Statistics show that the electricity demand in Malaysia has been increasing steadily for years now. Research shows that the use of an air-conditioning unit rated 5-star energy will approximately save RM277.42 annually. It might cost higher to purchase an energy-saving air conditioner compared to other types at the beginning but it will be worth it in the long run.

Right Size for your needs
The best air conditioner is one that aligns with your needs. Using an air conditioner intended for high capacity use in a small room would only result in the consumption of more energy. Portable air conditioners with a rating of 1-hp should be adequate for a standard room. Depending on the number of rooms that needs an air conditioner, split systems can be looked into because only one outdoor unit is needed. The number of occupants also goes into consideration for this as more occupants will require a higher capacity.

Portable air conditioners are usually cheaper than built-in air-conditioners such as the split models. The portable models are good for quick and temporary use while the built-in models are a more permanent option. Air conditioning specialists also advise that you should look out for the installation costs and warranty. Ensure that the quoted price includes all costs related to installation so you can determine your budget. It is also important to look through the warranty terms for the fine print so as not to be blindsided in the future.

HOMEs – Home Living Exhibition will display air conditioners from different exhibitors for consumers to choose from. Our expo creates a platform for you to compare and decide which is the best air conditioner for you.